Shanon  Schinkel has over 14 years of experience in the mortgage industry, allowing her to assist each client in finding the right home loan to fit his or her needs. Her mission is to make clients and friends for life, and to have a profound and lasting impact on people’s lives by assisting them with their mortgage needs. Her desire is to do this as stress-free and efficiently as possible with an “it’s my pleasure” attitude.
Shanon serve three types of clients:
Shanon is committed to giving borrowers the attention, dedication and information that they need. She knows that borrowers are people and PEOPLE are what matter most. Shanon serves her clients’ best interests by providing them with fair, accurate, and upfront information on mortgage loan programs and interest rates, and the associated benefits/risks.
Shanon earns the trust of her realtors by personally taking the borrower’s loan file from the beginning through closing. She understands that a referral is also a reflection of the person who referred her. She reinforces the borrower’s decision to work with the agent by providing prompt and professional service.
Watching Loan Officers increase their production and confidence is Shanon’s favorite thing about managing. With the systems and staff we have in place, it is hard NOT to close more loans AND spend less time working. She believes in freedom for LOs and lets her staff produce according to their own goals. Shanon encourages idea sharing. The market is big enough for everyone to meet their goals while working together.
Shanon’s drive to make the home buying experience as stress-free as possible combined with her expertise make her one of the top Mortgage Loan Originators in the area. Contact Shanon today to get started on your home loan process!